The VI Form Academy – Covid19 update – June 8th 2020
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The VI Form Academy – Covid19 update – June 8th 2020

Covid 19 Update – The VI Form Academy – June 8th 2020

The VI Form Academy closed to the majority of students and staff  when the Covid19 lockdown began on March 23rd 2020. I congratulate you all for your patience, mutual support, and resolve. In line with government guidance we are now in a position to adapt our provision for the remainder of the academic year.

From Monday June 15th 2020, the majority of Year 12 students will continue to study at home using the remote learning resources. If you need any additional subject specific guidance or support please do not hesitate to contact subject teachers through Google Classroom or email.

From Monday June 15th 2020, we would like to invite some students onto the school site so that they can access specialist equipment, resources or guidance necessary to enable them to progress in their studies. To reduce the potential spread of the Covid19 virus, we are adapting timetables to enable student numbers to be small and to limit the interaction between individuals. Please check your post for personalised timetables.

During the week commencing July 6th 2020, we would like to invite Year 12 students to attend school for one whole day to meet with their tutor or a member of the pastoral team – to reduce risk we intend for only one tutor group to attend per day. This is going to be a really important day because it will enable the pastoral team to individually meet with tutees to discuss their Covid19 experience, offer support and guidance where necessary, discuss and confirm with the student their academic plans for the coming year, and to issue subject specific work for the remainder of the academic year and the summer. Furthermore, students will be supported in the post-VI Form progression process including completing draft C.V.s, draft personal statements, and registering with UCAS – a process which would be more challenging to complete remotely.

Transport to and from school

If a student has been invited to attend on-site provision, in line with government advice, we would ask where possible that students walk, cycle, drive, or get their parent or carer to drop them off at school. Where this is not possible, and they have a County Bus Pass, we have been told that students will still be able to travel using their old passes.

The school day

Students attending school will be kept, as much as possible, in a bubble of the same teachers and students to reduce risk of viral transmission.  Students who are attending on-site provision (invited Year 10 and Year 12, the existing invited group including the children of Key Workers) will have staggered break and lunch time, will enter and exit the school via different entrances, and will have allocated toilet and hand washing facilities.

VI Formers attending on-site provision should arrive in the car part to the rear of the Sports Hall (not the VI Form car park) between 8:15am and 8:30am, then enter the Sports Hall for registration at 8:30am, after which they will be taken to their lessons. Students will not have any unassigned lessons so will remain on the school site until the end of the day at 2:45pm. Break and lunch times will be based in Sassetta where students can eat a packed lunch brought from home or purchase food; students entitled to free school meals will be able to claim their meal.  To support the safety of all people on the school site, and to reduce risk, it is essential that students adhere to arrival and departure times.

Please be reassured that the health and well-being of all involved remains the priority. As government guidance is updated we may need to adapt the published plans but we will keep you updated. In the meantime if you have any queries, comments or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me on

Best wishes and be safe.

John Ross
Head of VI Form